photo: Jonas Fries

My name is Claire Ebendinger (b.1992, France). I live and work in Halle, Germany.

The common ground for my otherwise multidisciplinary practice, is its interest in play.

Over a series of circumstances during the past years – either discussions in the academic sphere or turbulences within my own family – I have dug a bit deeper into my relation to play, and progressively found out that it is not the distanced and under-control intellectual interest I thought it was, but rather a powerful and intimate bond to my childhood’s history and psychology: my work is not as much about playing, as it is about my inner restraints to do so.

I am researching how freedom and trust in childhood trigger emancipation, playfulness and creativity in later life. I do so because I sometimes lacked the former two both at school and in my family’s education. Today, I am very eager to reconcile my work with the act of play, while considering the seriousness that’s built in, throughout these childhood experiences.

Alongside these personally rooted projects, I also try to examine, more theoretically, how the construction of the self, and the construction family culture connect to a wider educational culture, which itself is influenced by history, ideology, economics, politics…